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Primary Shareholder (Full-Time Manager) Application

Please have the full time manager fill out this form entirely. (after you hit submit you will be able to add all other shareholders) It is a very good idea to copy the Group Email, you will need to use it on each form to connect them all together. This Franchise Application for Chatime will help you in preparing and presenting your personal information for confidential use by us to determine your qualifications as a Franchise Partner.

The completion of this form places no continuing obligation on either party.
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This Email should be the Email of the Full Time Manager for your group.
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IE Retail/Food/IT/etc.
By Clicking Submit: The Applicant hereby submits this application for a "Chatime" franchise and represents and warrants that all information set forth herein is true and correct, to the best of their knowledge. The Applicant hereby authorizes Chatime in Ontario or BC to obtain a consumer credit report about the Applicant and to exchange or receive personal information about the Applicant with any personal information agent or agency towards establishing or verifying the financial standing of the applicant in regards to the granting of a franchise. It is understood by all parties that neither the Vendor nor its agent are under any obligation whatsoever to grant a franchise business.
By entering your name above you consent to Chatime conducting a background check.