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Chatime Franchise Experiences Strong Sales Increases

The iconic bubble tea franchise is broadening the customer base of people who enjoy the specialty drink

As bubble tea continues to explode in popularity, the iconic bubble tea franchise Chatime continues to grow right alongside the industry.

With 60 locations in British Columbia and Ontario, Chatime is experiencing some of its strongest sales ever. In fact, we sold nearly 6 million cups in 2020, and in the same time frame, we experienced over a 600% growth in sales through digital channels.

Why are we growing so fast?

“The audience for bubble tea has expanded greatly in just a few years,” says Kenton Chan, CEO of Chatime. “A few years ago, it may have only been Asian people drinking bubble tea, but now everybody drinks it. Our customer base is incredibly diverse, and that will only continue as we open new locations in British Columbia and Ontario.”

Chatime is also incredibly effective at marketing. The bubble tea audience is primarily a youthful one with Gen-Z and Millennials accounting for the majority of Chatime’s customers. By being relevant on social media and presenting ourselves as an authentic, fun brand with great products, we’ve been able to keep our customers engaged and excited to come back and visit us.

Another way we keep our customers engaged with us is through our loyalty program, which has more than 315,000 members. We offer sweet deals and reward our customers for their business.

“Our focus is really to bring happiness in a cup,” Chan says. “We want our customers to always be excited about coming to see us, which is why we’ve launched highly successful partnerships with Red Bull, Kellogg’s, and Uniqlo. We’re going to continue to do things like that. At the same time, we’ve also launched our online ordering platform to make ordering from us easier than ever before. This has contributed to strong sales increases and we’re not going to slow down anytime soon.”

This isn’t a trend – Chatime continues to grow

Chatime is ramping up for a rapid expansion in British Columbia and Ontario. We’re actively seeking entrepreneurs who are passionate, customer-focused, and willing to hustle to make Chatime your community’s choice for bubble tea.

The majority of our franchise owners had never owned bubble tea businesses before, but by following our system, they learned the ropes pretty quickly.

Of course, they didn’t do it alone. Chatime has one of the most comprehensive training and ongoing support platforms in the entire franchise industry and we help you with everything, including:

  • How to correctly use our equipment, prepare our drinks, and manage your inventory
  • We train your initial team how to use our equipment, prepare our drinks, and provide a great customer experience
  • We have a real estate team designated to help you select the perfect location
  • We have an in-house marketing agency to help you promote your businesses
  • You benefit from our strength of buying power to help keep goods low
  • A growing loyalty program with over 315,000 members
  • Continuous product innovation
  • Ongoing visits with a designated representative who will help ensure you’re meeting your goals

“The future’s so bright at Chatime,” Chan says. “The leadership team has a strong long-term vision and there’s a lot of opportunity to become successful. You just have to work for it!”

Open an iconic bubble tea business

To learn more about the Chatime franchise opportunity, simply fill out an inquiry form on this site to get started. We can’t wait to learn more about you!

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