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Why is Bubble Tea So Popular?

The bubble tea boom is here to stay and Chatime is leading the charge

Bubble tea has quickly become one of the most popular specialty drinks in Canada, and for a growing number of the population, going out for bubble tea is as mainstream as going out for ice cream.

How did this happen? The rise of foodie culture and the desire to have multicultural experiences, as well as new and innovative ways for brands to market to their customers, has elevated bubble tea in much the same way sushi, a once obscure ethnic food, is now a mainstay beloved by people of all backgrounds.

“Going out for coffee wasn’t as popular until Starbucks and Tim Hortons brought coffee to every major intersection in every city,” says Thomas Wong, Chief Development Officer of Chatime. “Bubble tea is having a similar moment right now and we can see that by the increase in our customers, by our increase in cup sales, and by how well our franchise owners are doing in their businesses. This is a very exciting time to be in the bubble tea business because this is only the beginning.”

In Toronto, the demand for Bubble Tea became so strong that NOW Toronto published a piece entitled, “Why Are So Many New Bubble Tea Shops Opening in Toronto?”

“No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you: bubble tea shops have been multiplying at a breakneck pace across Canada in recent months — sometimes seemingly on the spot.”

What makes Chatime’s bubble tea so popular? We bring happiness in a cup!

While every bubble tea brand is a little bit different, nobody is as wildly adventurous, open to innovation, and as committed to the happiness of our customers as Chatime.

We cook our own pearls from scratch and we brew every single tea to order. This way the product is the freshest it can possibly get when our customers get it. These are details that cannot be overlooked because it’s something our customers can taste.

A fresh product pairs nicely with bold flavor profiles and our menu is loaded with items and teas that can fit any palette. From our wildly popular Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea to the decadence of our Brown Sugar Pearls to our playful smoothies & slushies and beyond – we truly have a product for everyone.

“There’s so much goodwill for this brand,” says Jessie Cai, Chatime franchise owner. “Our customers love us and they return to us time and time again. We’re becoming a household name, and in the restaurant industry, that’s pretty hard to achieve. The reason why our customers love us is because our product is truly the best – there’s no competition in my mind.”

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